Reckoning: Max Character Stats (Revised March, 2013)


Okay, so there’s a new, easier way to max out all your character’s stats now, and yes, it does work on Reckoning DLC Characters, being the Awakened Collector, Geth Juggernaught, Talon Mercenary, Krogan Warlord, Alliance Infiltration Unit, and Kabal Vanguard.

This new way is MUCH easier than the old way. All you have to do, is play through as a character, any character, and level them up/spec into their powers as you play. Below is an example.

I promote my Soldiers, and after doing so, I go into my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman, Geth Soldier, and Turian Havoc Soldier, putting the two points you get at level one into something before I begin a game. After doing this, I switch over to my N7 Destroyer Soldier, and play through a simple game of bronze. Upon Completion and Level Up(s) on my soldier class, I go back through my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman and so on, using up all the power points I have in all of those characters. Once I’ve done that, I will play another simple game of bronze with my N7 Destroyer, and upon completion and Level Up(s) of my second game, I will have way more power points than I should for such low level characters. I will again, use all of the points in each of those characters, and proceed to play another game as my N7 Destroyer, and accumulate enough points to completely max out my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman, Geth Soldier, and Turian Havoc Soldier, all at the same time before I even hit level 13! It’s that easy!


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10 responses to “Reckoning: Max Character Stats (Revised March, 2013)”

  1. Ashley says :

    Hi does this only work on the reckoning characters?

  2. nytcrie says :

    I take it this only works for retaliation and later characters? (I.e. not the Paladin or prior?)

  3. nytcrie says :

    Am I correct in that this only works on retaliation and later characters? (I.e. not N7/earth or prior)

  4. klowny says :

    You are correct nytcrie, thi sonly works on Retaliation and later characters, meaning that you cannot do this glitch with any of the N7 Characters, such as the Paladin, Fury, Demolisher etc, or any character that came before them… Any characters after those N7 Characters it will work on though Ashley, so you have a bit more choice then just the reckoning characters

  5. dekay says :

    Does the old max stat method still work for pre-Retaliation characters since this new method only works on retaliation and later chars?

  6. SYCO X KILLER says :

    Do I not put points in on my N7 destroyer? And my Gamertag is SYCO X KILLER if you have time later can me and you do the missle glitch for awhile I got it to work yesterday but I couldn’t get it to work for the past couple of hours

  7. klowny says :

    You can most certainly put points into your N7 Destroyer if you please, although it will not personally max out that particular characters’s stats. It will only work on characters after the N7 Characters, or to the right of the N7 Characters on the Character Selection screen.

    and absolutely, sounds like fun, but I do work long hours and won’t get another day off til Sunday or Monday and won’t even have an hour to myself for the rest of the week after tonight. Soon as I get some time to hop on ME3, we’ll definitely do some missile runs.

  8. botsonik says :

    Does this still work? I’ve tried doing it like you described, and it doesn’t seem to be working. Should I not be using my points on the Destroyer between games? (Yes, I’m trying it on the soldier class.)

    • botsonik says :

      (I’m on the xbox version, btw.)

    • botsonik says :

      Nevermind, it works. BUT – there is one thing you have to do for this to work.

      After either joining a lobby or creating your own, you must stay in that lobby between your matches or the glitch won’t work.

      This is how I did it:

      I promoted my soldier class.
      I spent my 2 points on the 4 characters and my N7 Destroyer.
      I created my own Unknown/Unknown/Bronze match and played the first one solo.
      I stayed in the lobby, and spent the points on the 4 characters and the Destroyer.
      I made the match public, and kept repeating the process until I maxed out all 4 characters at level 14.

      VERY easy! Thanks, Klowny!

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