Infinite Missile Glitch (Revised March, 2013


The Infinite Missile Glitch is still alive and well, although it has somewhat of a drawback now. Here, I will let you know what you need, and how to do it.

Character: N7 Destroyer preferable (any will do though)

Weapons: Striker Assault Rifle and Arc Pistol (recommended)

Description: First thing to know, is that this will NOT work if you are hosting the game, only other players that are not hosting can do this. So, use your character and selected weapons, and jump into the game. Soon as you get into the game, you should be holding your Striker Assault Rifle. Press the X Button to switch over to your Arc Pistol. After doing so, press Up on the D-Pad to pull out your Missile Launcher. Fire off all of your missiles until you are down to 1 missile left. Then, you are going to pull the Right Trigger and hold it. This will fire your missile, and as you continue holding down the Right Trigger, it will make a noise that means it is out of ammo, and then proceed to make a hollow clicking sound every second or two. Not to worry, this is what you want to happen.  After about 5 seconds of you holding down Right Trigger, press the X Button to switch to your Arc Pistol. Do NOT let go of the Right Trigger while you are switching to your Arc Pistol! When you switch over to your Arc Pistol, it will start to charge a shot, as you are still holding down the right trigger. Keep holding down the Right Trigger and press X again to switch to your Striker Assault Rifle. After doing this, you will be in the missile glitch and able to kick ass!

Most everything is still the same. Standing cover will most likely knock you out of the missile glitch, but ducking cover where your character is crouched over is okay. You can’t revive fallen teammates and you can’t deactivate devices.  Going down yourself will not knock you out of the missile glitch, neither will dying. The downfall is having to use more then just 1 rocket to activate this glitch, but can still be well worth it.

On a side-note, I have personally done this completely skipping the Arc Pistol, using only the Missile Launcher and the Striker Assault Rifle. Unfortunately, when I was taken down by an enemy in that platinum run, it knocked me out of the missile glitch, and I was unable to get it again due to the fact that I had no more rockets.

So there it is! Have fun, and make credits everyone! Feel free to leave your IGN and we can play a few games together!


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31 responses to “Infinite Missile Glitch (Revised March, 2013”

  1. NeverKnowsBest00 says :

    Hey, this is awesome to hear! I play on PS3 and was wondering if anyone wants to try it with me tonight to see if it works for that platform also! My PSN is the same as my comment name! Just add me and I’ll be on tonight after 10pm. Add me!

  2. Ashley says :

    Hey i have followed this as instructed but i only end up with 0 missiles and no glitch.

  3. Anthony says :

    I have tried 3 or 4 times. what system are you on?

  4. Chris says :

    Does not seem to work on PS3 unfortunately.

    • Chris says :

      Scratch that. Works with a party of 3 but I can not make it work in a party of two where I am not the leader.

  5. Max says :

    How long did you charge your arc pistol? I had success at first doing your glitch now I’m having problems now.

  6. Joe Shmoe says :

    Cant seem to get it to work. I used 100 missiles trying to get it right. Can you post a video of the glitch working for you?

  7. Brandon James Fudali says :

    Tried this in a private match with a friend of mine. It doesn’t work :(.

  8. Zac says :

    Hey i need some more help I’m on xbox gt: LiL z 9O6

  9. anon says :

    This doesn’t work.

  10. BB says :

    I was wondering if you could elaborate a little on this. My buddy and i have been trying to pull it off for a while. We dont play often so its nice to be able to get some quick creds. GT= BlargBlock

  11. sad says :

    Glitch don’t work no more

  12. brett laf says :

    i was useing the glitch and got it to work several times in a row, then out of no where it wouldnt work anymore again and again was it fixed???

    • brett laf says :

      i have had an issue where if u use the last missle and kill anything it will not work =( so make sure it dosent kill anything lol

  13. Stiv says :

    I tried to do your method last night and I was unable to get it to work (private match with one friend hosting). Does it require lag from the host? If you’re on xbox would you be willing to show me how to do it in game?

  14. botsonik says :

    Thanks so much for posting this. Searched all over for it… I have a few questions, though.

    I’ve only been able to get this to work about 50% of the time out of 30 tries.
    Can you provide any more details?

    I hold the trigger after firing the rocket for 5-6 seconds.
    Should I try holding longer or what?

    Are we supposed to let the arc pistol charge fully or does it matter? Is there a time length?

    Should I continue holding the trigger after switching to the striker, until it fires a round?

    Again, thanks very much and I look forward to a response.

  15. pinktorva says :

    What if you only have a single middle? Is this working as of 3/21/13?

  16. pinktorva says :

    What if you only have a single missle? As of 3/21/13?

  17. MJ says :

    skriker has low ammo…does this glitch work with tye revenant?

  18. klowny says :

    Alrighty, I got several questions to answer here, so If I don’t get to on, please feel free to leave another comment..

    1: In order for this to work, you need an explosive weapon, so no, the revenant will not work with this… Examples of explosive weapons or Area of Effect weapons include the Striker Assault Rifle, Falcon Assault Rifle, Acolyte Pistol, Krysae Sniper Rifle… Not tested yet, but it might work on the Venom Shotgun as well… If I missed any, just know that if it is an Area of Effect damage, it will most likely work with this glitch…

    2: Yes, this glitch is active as of 3/21/13, I just performed it last night (3/24/13) and had no problems…

    3: The host of the game cannot do it, and you don’t need a particular amount of players aside from 2 or more to do this… No lobby tricks, you don’t have to be the last in the lobby, or in the middle two slots or any of that nonsense… You can activate this glitch so long as you are not the host of the game.

    4: I do not charge the arc pistol for any recognizable amount of time… Upon switch to my Arc Pistol while holding down RT, I immediately switch again to my Striker. The arc pistol is more so a formality. Furthermore, I still suggest keeping the arc pistol equipped, as when I performed this glitch with only the striker assault rifle equipped, once I was knocked down, I was also knocked out of the glitch, whether medigel or teammates getting me up…

    5: Re-explanation of how to do this: Equip Striker Assault RIfle and Arc Pistol. Start the game…. Switch from your Striker which you begin carrying over to your Arc Pistol… Once you are on your Arc Pistol, press Up on the D-Pad to pull out your Missile Launcher… Fire off all of your missiles except for the last one… On the last Missile, when you pull the Right Trigger (RT) to fire it off, you need to HOLD DOWN RT… After firing off off your last missile, as you are still holding down RT, you will hear the no ammo sound, followed by empty clicking that comes about every second from your missile launcher… This is what you want… After holding down RT for around 5 to 10 seconds, continue holding it down to switch to your Arc Pistol… Still holding onto the RT, when you switch to your Arc Pistol, it should start charging a shot… This has nothing to do with the glitch, it’s just to let you know what should happen… Now then, as your still holding down RT, switch your gun again so you go from your Arc Pistol to your Striker Assault Rifle… I personally have taken to holding down the right trigger until I fire off a couple shots from my assault rifle before I ever pull my finger off of it, and I”ve not had a single problem activating this glitch…

    Hope that answers most the questions here… Thanks for the comments, and if I failed to answer a question or didn’t thoroughly explain something, please leave a comment and I will get to it over the next couple days.

  19. klowny says :

    Just tried this glitch again just now, and have not been able to activate it with the striker, but the falcon assault rifle, acolyte pistol, krysae sniper rifle, and venom shotgun all still work doing this, as i’ve just tested them all..So instead of using the Striker, pick one of these guns and it should work just fine…

  20. Buddha says :

    so am i the only one who still can’t get the glitch to work? could you please post a video?

  21. klowny says :

    Sorry, I don’t do videos. Not that I don’t want to help you, I just lack the equipment required to do them, as I’ve never had any need to do so…

  22. botsonik says :

    Klowny, thanks for your replies!

    I finally had a moment to test this once again with the new information you provided.

    In the two times in which I just tested, I used the Falcon instead of the Striker.
    The first test, I counted to 10 after firing the last missile and then followed the instructions through. That didn’t work.

    On the second test, I counted to around 7. (The click sounds from the missle launcher might throw you off. Just turn off your sound for a moment.) Then, I followed the rest of the instructions and it worked just fine. At one point, I was dropped and someone had to pick me up. The glitch was still working fine.

    Like the previous glitches, you can’t pickup your mates when they fall. You can’t do any activations for objectives, etc. You must swap in and out of Devastator mode to pickup ammo from crates.

    So – YES, THIS WORKS! It’s only one test at 7 seconds, though. I’ll try some more later. Then, we can see if it’s more consistent when using 5, 7, or 10 seconds, etc.

    Thanks again, Klowny!

  23. Heist says :

    This still works as of 3/28/13

  24. klowny says :

    botsonik – I have personally tested it out and have gotten it to work at 10 seconds, 5 seconds, and 3 seconds, which is where I stopped messing around with the time, but yes, it can definitely be done and does not have any particular amount of seconds you seemingly need to hold it for, although I still suggest attempting it at 5 or 10 before you go down to attempting it at 3 til you feel confident you can get it every time…

    SYKO X KILLER – yes, Graal Spike Thrower or Geth Plasma Shotgun would work as well. So will the Venom Shotgun and Acolyte Pistol.

  25. botsonik says :

    The glitch still works and it is even easier. You need only bring your Striker as Destroyer with Devastator mode.

    Very much like Klowny explains, fire off your last rocket while holding the trigger for 3 clicks.

    Then, keep holding trigger while holding X to switch to your striker. Keep holding both buttons until you fire off a bunch of rounds. Then let go of both.

    To quickly see if it worked, just switch in and out of Devastator mode. If your ammo resets, then you’re good to go.

    Important notes:
    You can’t be the host or last person to join a lobby.
    Yes, you can do it with 3 people as the middle person.
    Yes, 2 people can missle glitch at the same time.
    If the host leaves and you and others stay for the host migration, it will most likely ruin the glitch. You have to make a fresh lobby if that happens.
    You can use medi-gel or be revived without losing the glitch.
    Someone said going into cover makes you lose it, but I never go into cover anyways. I just kill things.
    As always, you can’t revive mates or activate objectives.

    The quickest way I’ve found to farm is to get 3 friends in a private match on Glacier. 2 glitchers and 2 volus engineers. Put at least one recon mine down in the basement spawn so you can see them spawn. Put the other one wherever you need it. Get people to stand near the other spawns to force most to spawn in the basement. It takes a bit of practice to get the positions, but once you figure it out they almost always spawn there. This allows for 8-10 minute matches or less. If you want to learn about the spawns and where to stand during waves, check out some tutorials on youtube for doing speed runs on glacier.

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