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Infinite Missile Glitch (Revised March, 2013


The Infinite Missile Glitch is still alive and well, although it has somewhat of a drawback now. Here, I will let you know what you need, and how to do it.

Character: N7 Destroyer preferable (any will do though)

Weapons: Striker Assault Rifle and Arc Pistol (recommended)

Description: First thing to know, is that this will NOT work if you are hosting the game, only other players that are not hosting can do this. So, use your character and selected weapons, and jump into the game. Soon as you get into the game, you should be holding your Striker Assault Rifle. Press the X Button to switch over to your Arc Pistol. After doing so, press Up on the D-Pad to pull out your Missile Launcher. Fire off all of your missiles until you are down to 1 missile left. Then, you are going to pull the Right Trigger and hold it. This will fire your missile, and as you continue holding down the Right Trigger, it will make a noise that means it is out of ammo, and then proceed to make a hollow clicking sound every second or two. Not to worry, this is what you want to happen.  After about 5 seconds of you holding down Right Trigger, press the X Button to switch to your Arc Pistol. Do NOT let go of the Right Trigger while you are switching to your Arc Pistol! When you switch over to your Arc Pistol, it will start to charge a shot, as you are still holding down the right trigger. Keep holding down the Right Trigger and press X again to switch to your Striker Assault Rifle. After doing this, you will be in the missile glitch and able to kick ass!

Most everything is still the same. Standing cover will most likely knock you out of the missile glitch, but ducking cover where your character is crouched over is okay. You can’t revive fallen teammates and you can’t deactivate devices. ¬†Going down yourself will not knock you out of the missile glitch, neither will dying. The downfall is having to use more then just 1 rocket to activate this glitch, but can still be well worth it.

On a side-note, I have personally done this completely skipping the Arc Pistol, using only the Missile Launcher and the Striker Assault Rifle. Unfortunately, when I was taken down by an enemy in that platinum run, it knocked me out of the missile glitch, and I was unable to get it again due to the fact that I had no more rockets.

So there it is! Have fun, and make credits everyone! Feel free to leave your IGN and we can play a few games together!


Reckoning: Max Character Stats (Revised March, 2013)


Okay, so there’s a new, easier way to max out all your character’s stats now, and yes, it does work on Reckoning DLC Characters, being the Awakened Collector, Geth Juggernaught, Talon Mercenary, Krogan Warlord, Alliance Infiltration Unit, and Kabal Vanguard.

This new way is MUCH easier than the old way. All you have to do, is play through as a character, any character, and level them up/spec into their powers as you play. Below is an example.

I promote my Soldiers, and after doing so, I go into my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman, Geth Soldier, and Turian Havoc Soldier, putting the two points you get at level one into something before I begin a game. After doing this, I switch over to my N7 Destroyer Soldier, and play through a simple game of bronze. Upon Completion and Level Up(s) on my soldier class, I go back through my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman and so on, using up all the power points I have in all of those characters. Once I’ve done that, I will play another simple game of bronze with my N7 Destroyer, and upon completion and Level Up(s) of my second game, I will have way more power points than I should for such low level characters. I will again, use all of the points in each of those characters, and proceed to play another game as my N7 Destroyer, and accumulate enough points to completely max out my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman, Geth Soldier, and Turian Havoc Soldier, all at the same time before I even hit level 13! It’s that easy!