Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Characters


I’ve gotten some requests to post all the Retaliation DLC Characters and their powers, so here it is.


Volus: Stasis, Biotic Orbs, Shield Boost

Krogan Shaman: Barrier, Shockwave, Warp

Batarian Slasher: Warp, Cluster Grenade, Last


Turian Havoc: Cryo Blast, Havoc Strike, Stimulant Pack

Geth Trooper: Hunter Mode, Flamer, Fortification

Quarian Marksman: Marksman, Tactical Scan, Sabotage


Volus: Proximity Mine, Shield Boost, Recon Mine

Turian Saboteur: Sabotage, Sentry Turret, Homing Grenade

Vorcha Hunter: Bloodlust, Incinerate, Submission Net


Volus Mercenary: Decoy, Combat Drone, Shield Boost

Asari Valkyrie: Tech Armor, Annihilation Field, Warp


Turian Ghost: Overload, Tactical Cloak, Stimulant Pack

Drell Assassin: Tactical Cloak, Homing Grenade, Recon Mine

Asari Huntress: Tactical Cloak, Dark Channel, Warp


Volus Protector: Biotic Charge, Biotic Orbs, Shield Boost

Batarian Brawler: Biotic Charge, Blade Armor, Lash

There we have it, all the characters of the retaliation DLC, and all of their powers. I know this is coming out a bit late, seeing as we now have all but a handful of these characters, but still useful to see it in such a way.


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