Mass Effect 3: Lone Wolf Challenge


This is a rather easy challenge to do. The challenge requires that you complete multiplayer games solo. Bronze and Silver should be easy enough to do, and I think anyone could solo Gold should they be determined. Even Platinum, I sure many of us could solo if we were to put the time into it, but that’s not what this is about. Here is the way to get your lone wolf banner fast and easy.

Getting the Lone Wolf Banner will require two players, so invite a friend to get this Lone Wolf Banner with you. Have your friend create a private game on platinum difficulty, and then invite you. Be sure to choose a big map, so you have plenty of room to maneuver. Choose your N7 Destroyer (suggested, not required) and make sure you have the weapons equipped to perform the Missile Glitch. Once you and your friend are in the game, go ahead and activate the Missile Glitch, and blast your way through all that oppose you.

Soon enough, you and your friend will find yourselves on the Extraction Wave. When you and your friend are on this extraction wave, you will have your friend (who is/was hosting the game) leave the game. When this happens, you will get a notification saying that The Host has left the game, please wait for Host Migration. After Host Migration, the game will be restarted on the current wave. This means, that according to the game, you are, and were the only player in this game, and you are on the extraction wave, full stock of missiles and medigels. All you have to do at this point, is survive 2 minutes, and make it to the extraction point when the time is up, and you will get your 1 Solo Platinum Challenge completed. You will also get 1 Gold, Silver, and Bronze game completed towards your other challenges.

That’s all there is to it. If you have trouble soloing gold and even silver, you can use this little trick to get all of them complete.

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2 responses to “Mass Effect 3: Lone Wolf Challenge”

  1. gcmax says :

    Two players and missile glitch = lone wolf? Are you serious?

    I got my lone wolf the legitimate way and it felt good. If your not good enough to do it, learn to be good enough.

    Cheating is for LOSERS and WIMPS.

  2. klowny says :

    I take it by Legitimate you mean you were hiding off perimeters of the map on Dagger, or ducking behind a box on Hydra, or perhaps you did it before they patched the Decoy to where you can post it at the top of a ladder and enemies (and allies) couldn’t climb the ladder so long as your decoy was intact? Or perhaps you took advantage of the fact that cryo explosions did twice as much damage as they should have been doing? Or was it before they nerfed the Krysae when it was better than most guns and could take on anything? Either way you wanna look at it gcmax, there is always atleast 1 unfixed variable in most every game played…

    and oh yeah, I got my Lone Wolf by myself with the Turian Ghost Infiltrator with a Warfighter Package, Cyclonic Modulator, AR Rail Amp, and Incendiary Rounds…

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