Mass Effect 3: Fully Upgraded Abilities


As the Title suggests, this is to explain how you can have ALL your abilities fully upgraded. I will start off by saying this only works on Retaliation DLC Characters. This means that any character after the N7 characters can have fully upgraded abilities. A few examples are Volus Adept, Krogan Shaman, Turian Havoc Soldier, Geth Trooper Soldier, Volus Engineer, Vorcha Hunter Engineer, Asari Huntress Sentinal, Turian Ghost Infiltrator, and Batarian Brawler Vanguard.

First off, if your characters are already level 20, then you are going to want to promote them. After that, you are going to play as the character who’s stats you want fully upgraded, such as the Geth Trooper Soldier. You will play with your Geth Trooper in a few games to get him to atleast level 14. Once your Geth Trooper is level 14, make sure that you have all of your skill points utilized in your abilities. Once you have done this, there are two ways you can go to get all the skill points you need to upgrade every ability completely.

The First Way (and my preference), is to play with your Geth Trooper, until you are sure that the next game you play will level up your character. After playing with your Geth Trooper, and getting ready for the next game that will level you up to 15, switch to another character in the same class as the Geth Trooper, meaning the Soldier Class. a Human Soldier, Krogan Soldier, Vorcha Soldier, or any character in the Soldier Class will do.

Go ahead and play through your game as you normally would, and upon completion of your game, and seeing that your Soldier Class got leveled up, switch back over to your Geth Trooper, and go into your power screen. When you are in your power screen, you should notice an unusual amount of skill points you can use. This is because, while you got skill points for leveling up your Soldier Class, you also got refunded all of the points you had spent up to that point with your Geth Trooper without losing the points you had put into it, which will give you more then enough to completely upgrade all of your abilities.

The second way to do this, is to get your Geth Trooper to Level 14, almost Level 15, and then purchase Recruit/Veteran/Spectre/Premium Spectre packs to get character cards, which will level up your character. When your character levels, go into your powers, and you will have a plethra of points available to you this way as well.

I personally don’t prefer to do it the second way as I never get Rare Character Cards (worth 250K Exp) anymore, and if I were 50,000 points away from leveling, purchasing recruit packs, which are the only ones I really get character cards in, are only worth 5,000 experience each, and it would take a little while and some credits to get enough soldier character cards for 50,000 points.

Additional Notes: Yes, this can be used on more then 1 character in the same class, and yes, they can overlap. An example is I would play as my Geth Trooper, get him to level 14, then use my Turian Havoc Soldier to level up to 15. I would then go back to my Geth Trooper, and fully max out all of it’s powers. At this point, I can choose another Soldier Class, or play with my fully upgraded Geth Trooper, and get to level 16 on my soldiers, then switch back to my Turian Havoc Soldier, and fully max out all of his powers.

That’s all there is to know about Fully Upgrading your Character’s Abilities.

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