Infinite Missile Glitch (Revised March, 2013


The Infinite Missile Glitch is still alive and well, although it has somewhat of a drawback now. Here, I will let you know what you need, and how to do it.

Character: N7 Destroyer preferable (any will do though)

Weapons: Striker Assault Rifle and Arc Pistol (recommended)

Description: First thing to know, is that this will NOT work if you are hosting the game, only other players that are not hosting can do this. So, use your character and selected weapons, and jump into the game. Soon as you get into the game, you should be holding your Striker Assault Rifle. Press the X Button to switch over to your Arc Pistol. After doing so, press Up on the D-Pad to pull out your Missile Launcher. Fire off all of your missiles until you are down to 1 missile left. Then, you are going to pull the Right Trigger and hold it. This will fire your missile, and as you continue holding down the Right Trigger, it will make a noise that means it is out of ammo, and then proceed to make a hollow clicking sound every second or two. Not to worry, this is what you want to happen.  After about 5 seconds of you holding down Right Trigger, press the X Button to switch to your Arc Pistol. Do NOT let go of the Right Trigger while you are switching to your Arc Pistol! When you switch over to your Arc Pistol, it will start to charge a shot, as you are still holding down the right trigger. Keep holding down the Right Trigger and press X again to switch to your Striker Assault Rifle. After doing this, you will be in the missile glitch and able to kick ass!

Most everything is still the same. Standing cover will most likely knock you out of the missile glitch, but ducking cover where your character is crouched over is okay. You can’t revive fallen teammates and you can’t deactivate devices.  Going down yourself will not knock you out of the missile glitch, neither will dying. The downfall is having to use more then just 1 rocket to activate this glitch, but can still be well worth it.

On a side-note, I have personally done this completely skipping the Arc Pistol, using only the Missile Launcher and the Striker Assault Rifle. Unfortunately, when I was taken down by an enemy in that platinum run, it knocked me out of the missile glitch, and I was unable to get it again due to the fact that I had no more rockets.

So there it is! Have fun, and make credits everyone! Feel free to leave your IGN and we can play a few games together!


Reckoning: Max Character Stats (Revised March, 2013)


Okay, so there’s a new, easier way to max out all your character’s stats now, and yes, it does work on Reckoning DLC Characters, being the Awakened Collector, Geth Juggernaught, Talon Mercenary, Krogan Warlord, Alliance Infiltration Unit, and Kabal Vanguard.

This new way is MUCH easier than the old way. All you have to do, is play through as a character, any character, and level them up/spec into their powers as you play. Below is an example.

I promote my Soldiers, and after doing so, I go into my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman, Geth Soldier, and Turian Havoc Soldier, putting the two points you get at level one into something before I begin a game. After doing this, I switch over to my N7 Destroyer Soldier, and play through a simple game of bronze. Upon Completion and Level Up(s) on my soldier class, I go back through my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman and so on, using up all the power points I have in all of those characters. Once I’ve done that, I will play another simple game of bronze with my N7 Destroyer, and upon completion and Level Up(s) of my second game, I will have way more power points than I should for such low level characters. I will again, use all of the points in each of those characters, and proceed to play another game as my N7 Destroyer, and accumulate enough points to completely max out my Geth Juggernaught, Quarian Marksman, Geth Soldier, and Turian Havoc Soldier, all at the same time before I even hit level 13! It’s that easy!

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Characters


I’ve gotten some requests to post all the Retaliation DLC Characters and their powers, so here it is.


Volus: Stasis, Biotic Orbs, Shield Boost

Krogan Shaman: Barrier, Shockwave, Warp

Batarian Slasher: Warp, Cluster Grenade, Last


Turian Havoc: Cryo Blast, Havoc Strike, Stimulant Pack

Geth Trooper: Hunter Mode, Flamer, Fortification

Quarian Marksman: Marksman, Tactical Scan, Sabotage


Volus: Proximity Mine, Shield Boost, Recon Mine

Turian Saboteur: Sabotage, Sentry Turret, Homing Grenade

Vorcha Hunter: Bloodlust, Incinerate, Submission Net


Volus Mercenary: Decoy, Combat Drone, Shield Boost

Asari Valkyrie: Tech Armor, Annihilation Field, Warp


Turian Ghost: Overload, Tactical Cloak, Stimulant Pack

Drell Assassin: Tactical Cloak, Homing Grenade, Recon Mine

Asari Huntress: Tactical Cloak, Dark Channel, Warp


Volus Protector: Biotic Charge, Biotic Orbs, Shield Boost

Batarian Brawler: Biotic Charge, Blade Armor, Lash

There we have it, all the characters of the retaliation DLC, and all of their powers. I know this is coming out a bit late, seeing as we now have all but a handful of these characters, but still useful to see it in such a way.

Mass Effect 3: Fully Upgraded Abilities


As the Title suggests, this is to explain how you can have ALL your abilities fully upgraded. I will start off by saying this only works on Retaliation DLC Characters. This means that any character after the N7 characters can have fully upgraded abilities. A few examples are Volus Adept, Krogan Shaman, Turian Havoc Soldier, Geth Trooper Soldier, Volus Engineer, Vorcha Hunter Engineer, Asari Huntress Sentinal, Turian Ghost Infiltrator, and Batarian Brawler Vanguard.

First off, if your characters are already level 20, then you are going to want to promote them. After that, you are going to play as the character who’s stats you want fully upgraded, such as the Geth Trooper Soldier. You will play with your Geth Trooper in a few games to get him to atleast level 14. Once your Geth Trooper is level 14, make sure that you have all of your skill points utilized in your abilities. Once you have done this, there are two ways you can go to get all the skill points you need to upgrade every ability completely.

The First Way (and my preference), is to play with your Geth Trooper, until you are sure that the next game you play will level up your character. After playing with your Geth Trooper, and getting ready for the next game that will level you up to 15, switch to another character in the same class as the Geth Trooper, meaning the Soldier Class. a Human Soldier, Krogan Soldier, Vorcha Soldier, or any character in the Soldier Class will do.

Go ahead and play through your game as you normally would, and upon completion of your game, and seeing that your Soldier Class got leveled up, switch back over to your Geth Trooper, and go into your power screen. When you are in your power screen, you should notice an unusual amount of skill points you can use. This is because, while you got skill points for leveling up your Soldier Class, you also got refunded all of the points you had spent up to that point with your Geth Trooper without losing the points you had put into it, which will give you more then enough to completely upgrade all of your abilities.

The second way to do this, is to get your Geth Trooper to Level 14, almost Level 15, and then purchase Recruit/Veteran/Spectre/Premium Spectre packs to get character cards, which will level up your character. When your character levels, go into your powers, and you will have a plethra of points available to you this way as well.

I personally don’t prefer to do it the second way as I never get Rare Character Cards (worth 250K Exp) anymore, and if I were 50,000 points away from leveling, purchasing recruit packs, which are the only ones I really get character cards in, are only worth 5,000 experience each, and it would take a little while and some credits to get enough soldier character cards for 50,000 points.

Additional Notes: Yes, this can be used on more then 1 character in the same class, and yes, they can overlap. An example is I would play as my Geth Trooper, get him to level 14, then use my Turian Havoc Soldier to level up to 15. I would then go back to my Geth Trooper, and fully max out all of it’s powers. At this point, I can choose another Soldier Class, or play with my fully upgraded Geth Trooper, and get to level 16 on my soldiers, then switch back to my Turian Havoc Soldier, and fully max out all of his powers.

That’s all there is to know about Fully Upgrading your Character’s Abilities.

Thoughts or Opinions? Leave a Comment!

Mass Effect 3: Lone Wolf Challenge


This is a rather easy challenge to do. The challenge requires that you complete multiplayer games solo. Bronze and Silver should be easy enough to do, and I think anyone could solo Gold should they be determined. Even Platinum, I sure many of us could solo if we were to put the time into it, but that’s not what this is about. Here is the way to get your lone wolf banner fast and easy.

Getting the Lone Wolf Banner will require two players, so invite a friend to get this Lone Wolf Banner with you. Have your friend create a private game on platinum difficulty, and then invite you. Be sure to choose a big map, so you have plenty of room to maneuver. Choose your N7 Destroyer (suggested, not required) and make sure you have the weapons equipped to perform the Missile Glitch. Once you and your friend are in the game, go ahead and activate the Missile Glitch, and blast your way through all that oppose you.

Soon enough, you and your friend will find yourselves on the Extraction Wave. When you and your friend are on this extraction wave, you will have your friend (who is/was hosting the game) leave the game. When this happens, you will get a notification saying that The Host has left the game, please wait for Host Migration. After Host Migration, the game will be restarted on the current wave. This means, that according to the game, you are, and were the only player in this game, and you are on the extraction wave, full stock of missiles and medigels. All you have to do at this point, is survive 2 minutes, and make it to the extraction point when the time is up, and you will get your 1 Solo Platinum Challenge completed. You will also get 1 Gold, Silver, and Bronze game completed towards your other challenges.

That’s all there is to it. If you have trouble soloing gold and even silver, you can use this little trick to get all of them complete.

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Mass Effect 3: Infinite Missile Glitch


This glitch is quite simple, as all it requires is an explosive weapon, and a charging weapon. An explosive weapon is a weapon that does Area of Effect Damage, meaning it can hurt more than 1 enemy with a single shot. A few examples of explosive weapons are the Striker Assault Rifle, Falcon Assault Rifle, Krysae Sniper Rifle, Scorpion Pistol, and Acolyte Pistol.

A charging weapon would be a weapon in which you can charge the shot before firing it. Examples of these kinds of weapons would be the Arc Pistol, Geth Plasma Shotgun, and Graal Spike Thrower.

To perform this glitch, we will equip one of each weapon, my preferences being the Striker Assault Rifle and the Arc Pistol. Not to worry if you do not have these two particular guns, as any of the weapons I listed will work provided you have 1 explosive, and 1 charging weapon.

When you are in the game with your character, first thing you are going to do is make sure you have your Arc Pistol (or other charging weapon) equipped. If not, switch to your charging weapon now. Once you have your charging weapon equipped, you are going to press Up on the D-Pad, and Pull the Right Trigger at the same time, and hold them for about 8-10 seconds. After 8-10 seconds has passed, you are going to let go of Up on the D-Pad and the Right Trigger at the same time.

Once you let go of Up on the D-Pad and the Right Trigger, your character will then enter an animation (on it’s own) that fires off a shot from your charged weapon, and then switches you to your Missile Launcher. Once the animation is complete, press X to switch back to your charging weapon, and then press X again to switch over to your explosive weapon. After you’ve done this, every shot from your explosive weapon will have Missile Launcher power. Now you can simply relax and enjoy blowing the hell out of anything that gets in your way!

Additional Information: There are a few extra factors to take into account when using this glitch. First off, if you go into standing cover (cover in which your character is standing up, not crouched) there is a very high chance that you have deactivated your glitch. If this happens, simply repeat the steps above to reactivate it. Furthermore, you will not be able to perform actions with the A Button that are not instantaneous. So, while you can activate hacking and escort missions, you will not be able to revive fallen teammates, or participate in the deactivating devices missions.

Second, you will NOT be able to pick up ammo from boxes, supply pylons, or receive any ammo once a wave is completed. Because of this, many people use the N7 Destroyer when using this glitch, as activating and deactivating Devastator Mode will Refill your ammo supply. On a side note, when in Devastator Mode, you can pick up ammo from boxes and pylons (kind of useless considering turning it on and off replenishes your ammo). If you do not have or are not using the N7 Destroyer, you might want to deactivate the glitch and go pick up some ammo to make it through the rest of the game.

Second, It is a glitch, and you are technically still using the Striker Assault Rifle (or whichever you chose), so shooting a guardian in their shield will not kill them instantly. You may have to instead shoot behind them to get the kill. Furthermore, there will be a few other enemies that might take more than a single shot to kill, such as the Praetorian, Atlas, Banshee and so on. Not to worry though, two shots normally does the trick if one does not.

That’s all there is to it, and all there is to know about the Missile Glitch of Mass Effect 3. Should there be any other updates and/or patches, I will edit my post to reflect patches and/or updates.

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